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When working with tools, one should always follow safety warnings and precautions to reduce the risk of personal injury and damage to property.

  1. Keep Work Area Clean, Properly Lit, and Free of Clutter. Cluttered and/or poorly lit work areas invite accidents and injuries.
  2. Keep Children, Bystanders, and Other Distractions Away. Distractions in the work area can cause one to lose control of the operation of tools leading to accidents and injuries.  Children should never be allowed in work areas.
  3. Store Unused Tools and Equipment. When not in use, tools should be properly stored away to keep out of reach of children and persons unfamiliar with the tool or its instructions.  Tools and equipment are dangerous in the hands of untrained users.
  4. Use the Right Tool. Never use a tool in which it was not intended to be use.  Always use tools only for its intended purpose which will do the job better and safer.
  5. Never Force a Tool. Do not attempt to exceed the tools capacity.
  6. Wear Proper Operating Attire. Always wear appropriate work clothing as loose clothes, jewelry, or any other article may dangle and be caught in operation with tools.  Non-skid footwear is recommended.
  7. Use Eye Protection. To reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, always wear proper ANSI approved eye protection.
  8. Use Other Personal Protection Equipment. Always wear eye protection and other equipment such as dust mask, non-skid safety shoes, hard hat or hearing protection for appropriate conditions.
  9. Keep Proper Control, Footing, and Balance. Always ensure that one has proper control of tools when using.  Always keep proper footing and balance when using tools.
  10. Maintain Tools. To reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, always maintain and clean tools for better and safer performance.  Always inspect for damage or flaws that may compromise safe use and operation prior to using.
  11. Stay Alert. Always watch what you are doing.  Never use tools while one is tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication.  A moment of inattention while operating tools may result in accidents and/or injuries.

Warning:  These instructions cannot cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur.  It must be understood that common sense and caution are factors supplied by the operator.